Services & FAQs


Custom Signature Massage

Pregnancy Massage *Dani Crawford, LMT is A Certified Nurturing the Mother® Pregnancy Massage Therapist.

Zero Balancing   

Amenities include:

Signature hot towels

Hot Stones




There is no cell phone use by your therapist during your session.

Some clients prefer to talk during their session and some prefer silence. Both are okay and your preference will be honored!

Your session can be customized in order to spend extra time on preferred areas.

Yes, with your permission your ‘Glutes’ can be worked on.

Yes, the client is ALWAYS draped, not necessarily tucked and rolled up like a burrito, however necessary areas are always covered.

Sensual Massage services ARE NOT provided. Do not ask and do not assume your therapist will change their mind.

This therapist does not provide “jack-hammer” strength deep tissue.

Same day appointments may be available- text or call and leave a message to find out.