Client Testimonials

“The best massage I have ever had! Dani put me at ease and her technique was great. I’ve had other massages before and by far she is the best! I totally recommend her.” -P.M.

”Professional and KNOWLEDGEABLE, Dani is the best massage therapist in the area. She listens and responds to any problem areas you have, and can work in silence or provide nice conversation. Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment... hell, make sure you schedule your second one, too!”-KH

”I highly recommend Coalescence Massage. Office is relaxing and beautiful, location is ideal, and Dani is awesome. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease, and she does a fantastic job working out sore spots and making tired tight muscles feel so much better. I trust her and appreciate her very much.”-M.B.
“I am writing this from not only the friend perspective, but from the perspective of a client-middle aged, work out too hard for my age, and really sore with a slight injury, and in recovery from a serious injury. It is odd to go to one of your closest friends for a massage, but I trusted that Dani would take good care of me. I’ve had massages before and just felt awful afterwards, and the next day felt like I was beat up. Dani’s massage was energizing and I felt great. She could tell where the pain was and worked it all out. The office is quiet, peaceful, and cleansing.” -R.W.

”I have tried many massage therapists over the years, but in my opinion Dani is one of the best. She really knows what she is doing. The lotion she uses is top notch and the atmosphere is very relaxing. I am 68 and have quite a few aches and pains, but after a message with Dani I can actually walk with a lot less pain and feel remarkably relaxed.
So if you are looking for that message that is a cut above all the rest, I whole heartedly recommend Coalescence Message.” E.C.

"I have had a hard time replacing my favorite therapist for a while now.  I have been to Dani two times now and she is quickly becoming my new all time favorite.  Her office is very relaxing in a nice section of Towson.  Both times I opted for a 90min session and both times were great leaving completely at ease.  If you are looking for a great therapist with a very convenient and relaxing location I would recommend going to see Dani."-M.P.